Making Machine Translation Work for Your Business

Automatic translation tools have been a mainstay of the business world for some time now. Whether you want to get an idea of what insights an article in Chinese has to offer, or decipher an e-mail sent between Portuguese colleagues – just a few clicks here and there, and you’ve hopped the language… read more →

Greater Linguistic Diversity in the MT Universe

In November 2019 Amazon announced that it would be incorporating 22 new languages into its translation service Amazon Translate, including languages like Swahili and Tamil. read more →

Customer Insights – MT in Action

If you read our last blog post, then you’ll know all about the trials and tribulations of using unedited machine output. In this article, we’ll show you how you can leverage MT to your advantage. We asked two of our major clients – a pioneering company specialized in talent management software and… read more →

The Risks of Raw MT

What risks lie in wait for companies who use unedited machine output – or “raw MT” – in their translations? Milengo investigates some of the typical pitfalls associated with this evolving technology. read more →

RFP Planning: Do’s and Don’ts for Test Translations

Your company’s corporate language is an expression of its identity, which is why it’s important to make sure it remains consistent as you expand into new markets. However, one stumbling block you‘re sure to face is finding a localization partner who will ensure that your carefully crafted corporate… read more →

RFP Planning: How to Tell if a Vendor Has a Mature MT Knowledge

Machine translation (MT) has entered a golden age thanks to artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technologies. The MT market is undergoing constant transformation due to ongoing innovation – but the maturity of the technologies on offer varies drastically. How can companies with… read more →

How Performant is Your Translation Provider?

KPIs: Measuring the success of localization initiatives When is commissioning a translation “worth it” for a company? Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) provide an objective, measurable answer to that question. They help companies detect quality issues, monitor that delivery deadlines are being… read more →