Sonja has been an inhouse translator for Milengo since January 2018. Her favourite hobbies are podcast-binging, cat-sitting, and exploring Germany’s nooks and crannies.
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The ABC of Cost-Effective Translation Workflows: Part II

Managing translations can be a real headache and rack up additional costs. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Last week we gave you two tips for saving your company money using smarter processes. In the second part of our blog on this topic, we will discuss outsourcing translation processes and… read more →

The ABC of Cost-Effective Translation Workflows: Part I

This time in our blog series on translation and cost efficiency, we’re taking a closer look at different technologies and workflows that can help companies to save money. read more →

4 Ways to Save on Localization when Expanding into Foreign Markets

It’s impossible to predict what the global economy will look like in a couple of weeks, nevermind a few months. It’s no wonder, then, that in these financially trying times, many software companies are prioritizing certain initiatives and making cuts to others – including the money they spend on… read more →

Localizing the Right Software Content With Limited Resources

The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a significant number of software companies slashing their translation budgets. Perhaps you’ve found yourself in this position, and you’re wary of communication with customers and business partners across the world breaking down as a result. read more →

7 First-Aid Measures for Tighter Software Localization Budgets

In times of crisis, it’s important for companies to focus their attention on what’s most essential. This includes concentrating on core business and initiatives for reducing costs. Of course, the issue of translation is bound to come up – but what happens when your translation budget is subjected… read more →

Making Machine Translation Work for Your Software Business

Automatic translation tools have been a mainstay of the business world for some time now. Whether you want to get an idea of what insights an article in Chinese has to offer, or decipher an e-mail sent between Portuguese colleagues – just a few clicks here and there, and you’ve hopped the language… read more →

Greater Linguistic Diversity in the MT Universe

In November 2019 Amazon announced that it would be incorporating 22 new languages into its translation service Amazon Translate, including languages like Swahili and Tamil. read more →

Customer Insights – MT in Action

If you read our last blog post, then you’ll know all about the trials and tribulations of using unedited machine output. In this article, we’ll show you how you can leverage MT to your advantage. We asked two of our major clients – a pioneering company specialized in talent management software and… read more →

The 5 Risks of Raw MT for Software Localization

What risks lie in wait for software companies who use unedited machine output – or “raw MT” – in their translations? Milengo investigates some of the typical pitfalls associated with this evolving technology. read more →

RFP Planning: Do’s and Don’ts for Software Test Translations

Your company’s corporate language is an expression of its identity, which is why it’s important to make sure it remains consistent as you expand into new markets. However, one stumbling block you‘re sure to face is finding a software localization partner who will ensure that your carefully crafted… read more →
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