Johannes Rahm ist Content-Writer und langjähriger Übersetzer (EN>DE) bei Milengo. Seine fachlichen Schwerpunkte liegen im Bereich B2B-Marketing und Zukunftstechnologien. Trotz des um sich greifenden Digitalisierungskults hat er sich dabei ein Faible für obskure, sperrige Wörterbücher bewahrt.

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4 Localization Trends to Watch in 2022

Even in times of global crisis, the localization industry continues to grow at a rapid rate. After it recorded an estimated market volume of 58.3 billion US dollars in 2021, analysts at Nimdzi are now forecasting an increase to 73.6 billion USD for the industry by 2025. Take a look at our pick of… read more →

Market Radar: Popular Translation Management Systems

Do you sometimes wish your translation problems would just vanish into thin air? That all your translation files could be assigned magically with just a wave of your hand – instead of becoming a manual labor of Herculean proportions? Do you wake at night in a cold sweat, plagued by nightmares of… read more →

Everything You Need to Know About Text-to-Speech

Modern localization is like an intricate mosaic – there are thousands of different pieces that need to be positioned just right in order to create the final picture. Today, we’re going to look at a topic that’s becoming increasingly popular among our customers: text-to-speech technology.  read more →

5 Localization Trends for 2021

After a year like this one, the healthiest thing to do is look to the future. And what’s that on the horizon? A whole raft of intriguing developments in the translation industry! Read on as Milengo presents the key localization trends you should be aware of when drawing up your strategy for 2021. read more →